Learning Methodology - Personality Development Presentation


Theme Based Learning

This is a unique pedagogy to generate interest among learners. Every Learning Element is based on a concept such as sports (cricket) and movies. You can easily relate to these and completely internalize the concept which therefore, helps in better understanding.


Interactive AV sessions

Each concept session is customized to the learning level and style of the student. The pace is absolutely one's own.


Expert View

You get expert views as you go through each concept session.Each session/ Learning Object would comprise of the following a. An audio / video component. b. Text / Visual elements c. Quizzes / Other interactivities.


Presentation & Live Interaction

Kris Srikkanth, the former Indian Cricket Captain anchors the sessions using thelanguage of cricket and real life examples to simplify complex issues. Each learning element is easy to understand and relate with subject areas and complex management principles.

General Instructions


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