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Skille development

"Abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life" says WHO

Precisely a mean to problem-solving behaviors appropriately and responsibly used in the management of one's personal affairs. Appropriate use requires an individual to adapt the behaviors to time and place. Responsible use requires maturity, or accountability.

The main objective of a Careerstrokes.com is to motivate and inspire an individual or group of participants who will benefit from a broad gamut of problem-solving behaviours to meet the challenges of everyday life with responsibility.

The amount to which the students incorporate these behaviours in their lives during and after completing the course is the measure of success of our course.

A Careerstrokes course is successful when graduates not only demonstrate the ability to practice new problem-solving skills in group and use the skills in their personal lives, but also educate these skills to others in their real life situation.

The important responsibilities in our day to day lives are Individual, Family, Leisure, Society and Employment. To attain and achieve Careerstrokes motivates and inspires one and all with the well structured courseware pertaining to the international standards.

The methodology used in our course is unique and innovative of its kind where each lesson's components includes rationale, goals, objectives, real time anecdotes, interactivities and assessments.

Today's world, to be successful in their life and career and to achieve this one has to have a proper guidance in life skills to climb up the ladder.

Why is skill development essential...?

India has a large employable work force but only handfuls are employable. Why? They require Life skills to improve their career.


  • 25% - Engineers,
  • 15% - Finance and Accounting professionals,
  • 10% - Graduates from colleges and Universities are employable
  • 80% fresher's find it difficult to sustain their position when they enter into a new organisation
  • 60% of working professionals are not able to scale up in the current role.
  • A recent survey report says:

    5 lakh engineers who graduated last year, only 17.45 per cent are employable.

    The percentage of ready-to-deploy engineers for IT jobs is dismally low at 2.68 per cent. Only 17.45 per cent of them are employable for the IT services sector.

    While a dismal 3.51 per cent are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. Further, only 2.68 per cent are employable in IT product companies, which require greater understanding of computer science and algorithms.

    Concentrating on increasing quantity of engineers has impacted quality drastically.

    Potential of these skills About 30 million job vacancies for skilled force is available at any point of time all round the year

    Expected learning outcomes include a combination of knowledge, values, attitudes and skills with a particular emphasis on those skills that related to critical thinking and problem solving, self management and communication and inter-personal skills.


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